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MANDA LE "Organic Sun Paste"

MANDA LE "Organic Sun Paste"

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MANDA LE Organic Sun Paste (SPF 50) - 40g

A non-chemical sunscreen made with premium organic ingredients. Mandare Organic Sun Paste Made in USA (Encinitas, California)

MANDA LE Organic Sun Paste is the first sun care product to contain the timeless natural ingredient "THANAKA". MANDA LE Organic Sun Paste is the ideal sun care solution for active people such as surfers, climbers and athletes in the world's most extreme conditions. MANDA LE Organic Sun Paste is made with all natural and organic ingredients, contains no harmful chemicals or synthetics, is safe for children if ingested, and is safe for our oceans and coral reefs.

How to use in cold weather
As the temperature starts to drop, it will begin to harden at lower temperatures as its main ingredients are coconut oil and beeswax, so here are some of the best ways to use it!
1. Keep it in a warm place like your car, on the dashboard, in a cup holder, or in your pocket for a few minutes to help it soften.
2. You can also increase the warmth by using a little friction with a circular motion of your fingertips, which can help soften the surface.
3. As a last resort, if you are in a fairly cold area, open the lid of the container and place it in front of hot air for a few seconds.
4. Take a small lump between your fingers and place it in your palms to warm it up quickly, making it soft and pliable.

Precautions for use: Close the lid after use. Do not store in high temperatures such as inside a car during the summer.

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