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Kid Creature / DOT LOGO Lady's Tee

Kid Creature / DOT LOGO Lady's Tee

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A creator, surfer and shaper living in Newport Beach, California, Calvin has been sponsored by Volcom since he was 12 years old. His free and huge imagination creates a worldview called Kid Creature. His youthful and free touch, his inspiration and creations that reflect his true nature attract and influence many people. The influence is not limited to his local Costa Mesa and Newport in California, but has begun to cross borders, and now it is an art brand supported by many surfers, celebrities, and entertainers. His creative activities are not limited to T-shirts, but also surfboards, skate decks, and everything else that Calvin transforms into the Kid Creature World that energizes the viewer. It goes without saying that many famous surfers are captivated by Kid Creature World and use it regularly.
●Donating 10% of sales to children with serious illnesses is a way of thinking that would put adults to shame.

●Material: 100% Cotton

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