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Blenders Eyewear "BLUE LIGHT compatible // SYDNEY | FREELANCE"

Blenders Eyewear "BLUE LIGHT compatible // SYDNEY | FREELANCE"

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  • Gender: Unisex
  • Frame: Gloss Crystal Teal
  • Lens Color: Clear Blue Light
  • UV Rating: 100% UV Protection
  • Fit / Size: Medium - Large

    "Freelance" is set to change the way you rock your workday. Every ounce of lens technology we've ever championed is present here, bringing you a badass set of Blendz blue light-blocking sunglasses that protect you from fatigue and eye strain without the nasty yellow lens tint found in specs you'll find elsewhere. And with sleek crystal teal frames in a stunning gloss finish, you'll land as many compliments as your clients.

    Fit Guide

    With gold and silver metallic plated cores and polarized lenses, this is one of the sleekest lineups ever. Even better, the shapes are timeless and versatile, ensuring each pair stays fresh season after season.

    • Frame Sydney
    • Frame Measurements: 49 x 21 x 142
    • Ideal Face Shape Heart, Round and Oval
    • Head Size: Medium to Large
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